new owner ~ introduction

okay, so hey guys.

my name is lily and I have completely taken over this blog. I’m going to post the remaining confessions and open the ask box in a couple of hours. 

you’ll be able to find more about me through the links when I change the theme and get it set up again.


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As some of you may have noticed, I don’t update this Tumblr anymore. I have simply lost interest and got too busy and couldn’t keep up with confessions, I was planning on getting a co-owner but I never really got round to it. So, tomorrow I’ll be posting something which you guys can fill in if you wish to take over this blog and make it your own. It would be nice if you could carry on doing the confessions as the blog was doing well until I stopped.

Currently, this blog has almost 400 followers and almost 50 unposted confessions, so if you are willing to take over, then please LIKE this post so I know some people are interested. Otherwise, it will just be deleted. 

The ask box is now OPEN again for any questions you guys have. :)